Keep Bitcoins Safe

Follow instructions below to keep your bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum or any other cryptocurrency safe in

1. Be diligent to keep your private key and password safe. Your private key is sometimes called your mnemonic phrase, keystore file, UTC file, JSON file, wallet file.

2. If you send your public key (address) to someone, they can send you ETH or tokens. 👍

3. If you send your private key to someone, they now have full control of your account. 👎

4. If lose your private key or password, no one can recover it.

5. Consider using hardware wallet.

6. Don’t open random links coming in mail or messages. make sure you verify URL of the site and make sure its correct before entering any information.

7. Consider using an adblocker.

8. Make a backup of your private key and password. Do NOT just store it on your computer. Print it out on a piece of paper or save it to a USB drive.